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At American Home Center, we offer an attractive finance program to make your purchase of our products easier than ever. Most enclosure, window, and carport companies in our industry do not offer this! Due to our In-Home Sellers Finance License, we can offer you payment plans that make your home upgrade project a reality.



We Offer 100% Financing


Yes, you read that right. The full amount of your project can be financed so that instead of paying the total up front, you can divide the balance into smaller payments that are manageable. We have realized since the beginning, the need Florida residents have to find a way to obtain the products we carry without the financial burden, and have instituted the solution to accomplish this.To further help, we do not require you to place any money down (true 100% financing).


Based on your qualifications, ask us about how you can make no payments for up to 6 months. This is a tremendous opportunity, homeowners! Worried about having to pay a monthly bill that is too high? Not to worry, many of our services can be financed for as low as $69.00 per month! We also accept Visa and all major credit cards.


It has never been easier to upgrade your home with our company.


In Home Sellers Finance License


As we mentioned earlier, here at American Home Center we have an In Home Sellers Finance License, which means that we are qualified and able to offer you a quality financing program that is secure and reputable. We follow all industry guidelines and are here to provide you with an excellent service that will help you achieve your home goals. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our finance staff is here to answer all of your inquiries regarding the purchase of your American Home Centers products.


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Please fill out the form below to be reached by one of our friendly staff members. We can’t wait to help you take advantage of our no-hassle, stress-free financing program. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at (813) 707-9302 or visit our store.

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